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We started like you did: a potent mixture of passion and work ethic, combined with the insight to recognize a problem and envision a solution. In our case, we saw a lack of transparency and efficiency in digital agencies. Too many design and development companies slapped a shiny coat a paint on a poorly made product, then bailed, leaving their clients high and dry.


Our process may be data-driven, but our projects are fueled by something much stronger: passion. We don’t clock in at 9 and clock out at 5— we work around the clock.

We hail from different backgrounds, different lifestyles. We’re home to a self-taught design guru and a fashionista turned software developer, and we’re pretty sure we’re the only company that employs both a former Army engineer and a viral video star. These are the threads that form the rich tapestry that is CO-AGENCY. Here, everyone gets a seat at the table, which means everyone gets to share a lifetime of their experiences, their perspective, their story.Because while our business cards might say we’re designers, engineers, marketers, and developers, really we all have the same job title: storyteller. Every website we design, every app we build, and every solution we create bears our fingerprints. Our work tells our story. And we want to help you tell yours.Because we’re more than just an agency. We’re your partner.

A Flexible & Adaptive

From fast-paced proof of concepts to large-scale design thinking based service and product design programs, we maximize the return on your investment by collaboratively designing solutions that achieve your business goals and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Startups & software digital product innovation

We drive value through new product conceptualization, usability optimization, platform creation or updates and team augmentation.

Innovation & Process Transformation

We work with business leaders to bring together people, new ideas, and technology to create new and viable platforms for their customers and employees.

Personalized branded customer experiences

We connect across ubiquitous experiences to help brands deliver the right experiences at the right place and time for their customers.


We’re in the business of solving real-world problems with digital solutions. We transform frustrations into features and headaches into highlights. And we do it all through our polished Agile process, by injecting innovation every step of the way.



Good agencies study their clients before they design. Great agencies study the end-users. CO-Agency studies your company, your users, your competitors, your market space, your entire industry—we learn your customers’ expectations so we can exceed them. It’s more than understanding the problem. It’s understanding the next problem, the one after that, and the one five years down the road.



Armed with qualitative and quantitative research, it’s time to plot our course ahead. Like all the best pioneers, we map the path forward by weighing risks, formulating strategies to meet all project objectives, and informing the design process ahead.



Whether it’s websites, apps, or custom software, CO-Agency’s UX & UI design team masterfully crafts for the end-user, flawlessly operates in an Agile environment, and continually refines and iterates prototypes until your digital product is pixel-perfect. Our design team prizes simplicity, champions usability, and hates when things are more complicated than they need to be.



We’ve researched, designed, tested, re-tested, and shaped your platform from an idea to a complete blueprint. Now it’s time for our expert development team to usher that blueprint into reality. While 
CO-Agency’s engineers are masters of app and web development in all its forms, we’re not just well-versed in the industry standards. CO-Agency prides itself in harnessing state-of-the-art technology, from IoT-integrated platforms to augmented and virtual reality.



We design for businesses of all sizes and sectors, but our most successful clients are united by a common denominator: a relationship with CO-Agency that extends beyond the project. We’re your resident design and development experts, a digital consultant in your corner that understands your business needs. We’re more than an agency. We’re your partner.

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